High Power Thin Film Frameless Solar Modules                                                                                      Next Generation 135/150 Wp

Long-awaited product

There are a number of important aspects and one of them, for instance, is the ability of a product to refund investments to users, installers, partners, investors and customers, and finally to all those people who spend huge efforts and help our planet to become green and clean.

The thin film photovoltaic modules generate more electric power during a warm season, as well as at the absent-minded and weak light. They are manufactured with small quantity of silicon and less electricity expenses, the modules have a good ratio “price/quality” and benefit of an effective energy payback, and, hence, they reduce the cost of each Watt of generated energy.

Green and clean

Converting sunlight in to the electricity by the solar modules do not pollute the environment, they do not produce a noise, waste and emission of anthropogenesis hotbed gases into atmosphere. Furthermore, they on 93–97% are reducing the issue of harmful emissions in comparison with the traditional generating systems.

Architectural integration

Thin-film solar modules are excellent integrated in modern architectural projects. They used for glass facades, as the elements of design industrial buildings, as acoustic barriers and curtain of walls. They used in production of stained-glass panels, windows, publicity boards, canopies and other architectural elements of buildings. But the most important advantage of solar modules is the generating and saving energy. Strong, stylish and graceful solar modules are useful to decorate facades of buildings, city landscapes or as elements of constructions, architectural compositions and so on, for all those projects that until recently considered as impossible.

Long-life product

Thanks to the moisture resistance and high quality materials as a glass, plastics and strong anti-corrosion aluminium frame, the solar modules can long and reliably work even in hard environmental conditions. Innovative design of the drainage system excludes risk of accumulation of rain water or snow inside the frame.

High tech manufacturing

Innovative technologies of solar modules production, the best components and materials guarantee the protection against ultra-violet radiation, a heat and a bad weather. The anodized aluminium frame holds the wind and snow loads to have unprecedented duration of guarantee and working reliability of all power supply system.

Perfect for Utility & BIPV projects

The thin-film photovoltaic modules based on chalcopyrite [Cu (In, Ga) Se2] - CIGS absorber layers show excellent light-to-power research conversion efficiencies exceeding 20%.

What is BIPV and it’s applications?

  • Building Integrated Photovoltaic Power System.
  • Various types of BIPV applied onto various site of the buildings.


Higher yield

  • Positive sorting (+5 W)
  • Low temperature coefficient: -0,32%/K


With improved temperature coefficient, the modules have even better yields of electricity. Thanking to low temperature coefficients our clients have had a yield advantage of up to 12,5% compared to crystalline modules for many years.


Frameless & Elegance


Uniform black appearance makes the thin-film frameless module ideal for sophisticated visual applications. The active layer is protected from environmental influences on both sides by stable glass substrates, and the frameless design allows self-cleaning by facilitating optimum drain-off of rainwater, even at small tilt angles.


Outstanding aesthetics

  • Uniform black surface
  • Ideal for visually sophisticated PV solutions


With rooftop systems, shading by parts of buildings, trees, leaves and soiling often cannot be ruled out. The special cell design of the thin film modules minimises probability of shading of whole cells and therefore ensures you an optimum yield regardless of the position of the sun.

Ground mounted systems also benefit from the thin film module design. Installation in portrait orientation minimises losses due to shading and allows reduced row spacing.


Easy to clean

  • Frameless design means these modules are less susceptible to dirt


High quality & Very powerful

  • 100% inspected via electroluminescence test
  • Longer, stricter tests than required under IEC61646


Now CIGS thin film modules are even more powerful. Thanks to ongoing integration of world-record-breaking CIGS technology into production, modules are among the most efficient products of their type, with efficiency of up to 16% and more.



  • 10-year product warranty;
  • 25-year performance warranty.


Test & Certification

  • Certification: ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2009, BS OHSAS 18001:2007, IEC 61646/61730, MCS, UL 1703 (CSA).

BIPV & Utility projects


Technical specification

Code Nr. BKE100-135-HP-FL BKE100-140-HP-FL BKE100-145-HP-FL
Electrical Data
Rated Power (Wp ± 5%) 135,00 W 140,00 W 145,00 W
Max. Power Voltage (Vmpp) 85,50 V 86,50 V 87,40 V
Max. Power Current (Impp) 1,58 A 1,62 A 1,66 A
Open Circuit Voltage (Voc) 105,60 V 106,70 V 107,80 V
Short Circuit Current (Isc) 1,77 A 1,79 A 1,81 A
Module efficiency (%) ≥ 14,40 % ≥ 14,90 % ≥ 15,40 %
Mechanical Data
Dimensions, mm (LxWxT) 1190,0 x 790,0 x 7,3 mm
Weight, Kg ab 16,5 kg
Electrical Connectors MC4 or MC4 compatible
Cable Lenght (+) 850 mm ± 5%,     (-) 730 mm ± 5%
Cable Size 2,50 mm²
Front cover 4 mm tempered low iron glass with AR coating
Back cover 3 mm float glass
Frame None, frameless
Cell type CIGS [Cu (In, Ga) Se2]
Junction box Protection class IP 67 with 1 bypass diode, 76,0 x 580 x 15,5 mm
Temperature Coefficients at 1000 W/m²
Max. Power (Pmpp) -0,32 % / °C
Open Circuit Voltage (Voc) -0,27 % / °C
Short Circuit Current (Isc) +0,01 % / °C
Installation Limits
Operating Temperature –40ºC …+85ºC
Max. load 540 kg/m²
Max. System Voltage 1000,0 V

Data above represent stabilized values at Standard Test Conditions (STC);

Irradiance: 1000,0 W/m², Spectrum: AM 1,5, Cell temperature: 25°C;


We reserve the rights to make alterations to the design of product in the interests of technical progress without notice.




  • CIGS thin film modules are more cost effectively and absorbs light more than its crystalline counterpart.
  • CIGS [Cu, (In, Ga), Se2] layer provides superior long-term stability and higher module efficiency.
  • Modules are sized to optimize the greatest amount of power, easily handled by one person.
  • Frameless and weather-resistant junction box with pre-mounted MC cables ensuring dependable performance and easy installation or maintenance.
  • High-impact tempered glass and float glass to resist hail, ice, flying debris or strong wind.
  • 25-year limited warranty on power output.




  • Delivered ready for connection;
  • IEC (UL) certified and weatherproof MC4 connectors;
  • Integrated bypass diodes.




  • Only qualified personnel should install or perform maintenance;
  • Be aware of dangerous high DC voltage;
  • Do not damage or scratch the rear surface of the module;
  • Do not handle or install modules when they are wet.