Solar Modules

"... Thanks to our hard work, nowadays practically everyone on the planet can get free of charge solar energy and use it, or to supply energy into public electrical grid to earn money. However, use a free energy, or continue pay to suppliers - everyone have to decide by himself ... " (A. Rubinstein).


New generation of photovoltaic modules

A new generation of solar modules designed and manufactured by using of innovative technology of the thin film cells, as well as the best materials and components, are coming as alternative of mono- and polycrystalline silicon cells, have allowed to reach the good results in solar industry, and helps to our customers in their selection of favorable, economical, viable and environmental solutions.

Solar solutions

All the solar solutions of "Bekar Energy" have been engineered and marketed to maximize the return on your investment. We have combined the high advantages of solar modules, the solar equipment and the mounting systems with 25 year limited product warranty.


The solar modules are made up of individual solar cells that release energy when exposed to light. This photovoltaic process is based on a special material that is present in almost all solar cells: silicon a semiconductor with natural electrical properties. The silicon is the most prevalent element on Earth after oxygen which makes it a very inexpensive and nearly inexhaustible natural resource.


In that way, the photovoltaic systems might transform solar light into electric energy and supply this energy into the net or directly to consumers.

Long-awaited product

There are a number of important aspects and one of them, for instance, is the ability of a product to refund investments to users, installers, partners, investors and customers, and finally to all those people who spend huge efforts and help our planet to become green and clean.

The thin film photovoltaic modules generate more electric power during a warm season, as well as at the absent-minded and weak light. They are manufactured with small quantity of silicon and less electricity expenses, the modules have a good ratio “price/quality” and benefit of an effective energy payback, and, hence, they reduce the cost of each Watt of generated energy.

Green and clean

Converting sunlight in to the electricity by the solar modules do not pollute the environment, they do not produce a noise, waste and emission of anthropogenesis hotbed gases into atmosphere. Furthermore, they on 93–97% are reducing the issue of harmful emissions in comparison with the traditional generating systems.

Architectural integration

Thin-film solar modules are excellent integrated in modern architectural projects. They used for glass facades, as the elements of design industrial buildings, as acoustic barriers and curtain of walls. They used in production of stained-glass panels, windows, publicity boards, canopies and other architectural elements of buildings. But the most important advantage of solar modules is the generating and saving energy. Strong, stylish and graceful solar modules are useful to decorate facades of buildings, city landscapes or as elements of constructions, architectural compositions and so on, for all those projects that until recently considered as impossible.

Long-life product

Thanks to the moisture resistance and high quality materials as a glass, plastics and strong anti-corrosion aluminum frame, the solar modules can long and reliably work even in hard environmental conditions. Innovative design of the drainage system excludes risk of accumulation of rain water or snow inside the frame.

High tech manufacturing

Innovative technologies of solar modules production, the best components and materials guarantee the protection against ultra-violet radiation, a heat and a bad weather. The anodized aluminum frame holds the wind and snow loads to have unprecedented duration of guarantee and working reliability of all power supply system.