Hamburg. GIB GmbH
Hamburg. GIB GmbH

Welcome to Hamburg port, welcome to your logistics world.


The port of Hamburg is one of the most important cargo handling sites of worldwide shipping, has always provided the possibility of successfully proffering services.


We recommend you to contact our logistics partner - company GIB GmbH. They are able to offer you the complete range of services covering all your possible requirements.


As a professional warehousing service company, GIB GmbH is locating in Freeport area of Hamburg port, and has equipment, machineries, trucks, container’s crane and forklifts, warehouse, terminals, and so on, to work with your cargoes.


Registered in Hamburg port as an official logistics agent, company GIB GmbH is able to propose you the following worldwide high class service:


  • Worldwide logistics solutions;
  • Traditional handling of your cargoes - loading, reloading, unloading, storage, warehousing, transport and service in the port area, besides forwarding, trading, insurance of your cargoes and so on;
  • Transportation within port, the surrounding area and over long distances can be arranged;
  • All possible warehousing activities with your cargoes on open bonded warehouse;
  • Sorting and packing for various addresses of the delivery to various clients, distributors in accordance with the orders of the owner of goods;
  • Custom paper work, export and import documents (EX1, T1, TIR, CMR and so on);
  • Consolidation of your cargoes - consolidated consignments for export are delivered to warehouse and from there are packed in containers together with other consolidated consignments depending on their destinations;
  • Short, middle and long-term storage of your cargoes and containers in tax-free port area;
  • Commissioning and quality control on behalf of foreign exporters. The same also applies to exports from inland regions, i.e. for collecting, for interim storage and finally shipment to overseas destinations;
  • Transshipment: truck – truck, container – truck, truck – container.

Most of our customers entrust to GIB GmbH the transportation and responsible storage of their goods as well as the execution of all customs formalities. They do hereby trust in the quality and professionalism of this very open and friendly company.

Do not hesitate to contact your forwarder and logistics.


20457 Hamburg


Tel. +49 40 432 691 33

Fax +49 40 432 691 34

Skype: logisticshamburg

Email: gib-gmbh@gmx.de