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Amorphous Silicon Thin Film Solar Module

Amorphous silicon thin film solar modules are of the highest quality and guarantee high performance and energy yield per rated watt power. Modules are a thin film technology, made with a layer of photovoltaic material applied to the panel’s substrate. These a-Si modules are produced completely in-house, with stringent quality controls to achieve consistency in efficiency and output.


The manufacture of these modules is highly automated – silicon is deposited as a gas on a substrate like glass. Another advantage of reducing the silicon used in a solar module is that it takes less time for the module’s output to match the energy used in its construction – its energy payback time. Silicon has a high amount of energy associated with its production.


Thin film modules are not as sensitive to partial shading as crystalline modules. Their layer of photovoltaic material allows more flexibility in the layout of the electrical contacts. The long horizontal cells across the module make them less susceptible from being blocked by shade. Thin film modules are less efficient than crystalline modules; however, their output is less affected by heat.

Micromorph Tandem Thin Film Solar Module

 Micromorph tandem thin film solar modules are highly versatile and offer optimal performance in many difference climate conditions. Manufactured in one of the most modern solar facilities using European technologies to provide excellent low-light performance, variable tilt and azimuth flexibilities as in comparison with other crystalline solar modules as well as lower temperature coefficient to ensure a very high output performance! First Nations Solar thin-film modules are solar modules of the next generation - they are highly versatile at an optimal performance.

Tandem thin film modules technology is comprised of an amorphous top cell, which converts the visible part of the sun’s spectrum, and the microcrystalline bottom cell absorbs light in the infrared spectrum.


Because of this double layer, the technology boosts the efficiency level by approximately 50% over traditional amorphous single cells, which also allows converting more sunlight into electricity. With a low temperature coefficient for output power, thin film generates greater energy than its crystalline silicon counterpart in geographic regions where it is cloudy, high temperature and high latitude. In warm climates this translates into more kilowatt-hours per kilowatt.

MPPT Solar Charge Controllers

MPPT solar charge controllers are designed to automatically charge 12V, 24V, and 48V sealed and vented lead acid batteries from silicon based PV modules such as thin film, mono-crystalline and polycrystalline. It has a build in Load Low Voltage Disconnect configurable as a Down to Dust switching. It can be connected to a PC for monitoring the full system parameters. It is a high quality product that offers the best price / performance ratio in the industry.