Solar Controller 45/60 Amper

MPPT solar charge controller is designed to automatically charge 12V and 24V sealed and vented lead acid batteries from silicon based PV modules such as thin film, monocrystalline and polycrystalline. It has a built in Low Voltage Disconnect (LVD) configurable as a Dusk-to-Dawn switching. It can be connected to a PC for monitoring the full system parameters. It is a high quality product that offers the best price / performance ratio in the industry.




• Built-in MPPT algorithm (Maximum Power Point Tracking), that promotes energy utilization efficiency of solar system. The charging efficiency is 20%~25% higher than PWM mode.

It can find out the best working point of I-V curve within 1 minute. The MPPT efficiency could reach to 99,9%.

Adopting advanced digital power supply techniques which makes the energy conversion efficiency reach up to 97%.

Four charging stages: MPPT - equalizing charge - boosting charge - floating charge.

There is current-limiting charging mode. When the power of solar panel is oversized and charging current exceeds the rated current, the controller will lower charging power automatically, which enable the system to work under the rated charging current.

Has a fault code  indication, it helps users to confirm the system fault.

Various load control methods. Recognize day and night automatically.

• With temperature compensation function to adjust the charge and discharge parameters automatically, this could extend the life of the battery.

Various system protection functions. Including over-charge, over-discharge, over-load, over-heat, battery-reverse connection, short-circuit protection and TVS lightning protection etc.

Technical specification

Parameters Value Adjustable Default Value
Model MT4860 MT4845    
System Voltage 12 / 24 / 36 / 48 V – Auto    
No-Load Loss 0,7 W – 1,5 W    
Max. Input Voltage < 150 V    
Rated Charging Current 60 A 45 A    
Max. Input power 800 W / 12 V 600 W / 12 V    
1600 W / 24 V 1200 W / 24 V    
2400 W / 36 V 1800 W / 36 V    
3200 W / 48 V 2400 W / 48 V    
Transfer Efficiency ≤ 98,80%    
MPPT Tracing Efficiency > 99,90%    
Equalizing Charge Interval 3 – 30 days Yes  30 days
Over Voltage Protection 16,0 V – 17,0 V; x n V Yes  16,0 V
Limited Charge Voltage 15,5 V – 16 V; x n V  Yes 15,5 V
Equalizing Charge Voltage (25°C) 15,0 V – 15,5 V; x n V  Yes 15,2 V
Boosting Charge Voltage (25°C) 14,0 V – 15,0 V; x n V  Yes 14,4 V
Boosting Charge Return Voltage (25°C) 12,3 V – 13,5 V; x n V Yes 13,2 V
Floating Charge Voltage (25°C) 13,2 V – 14,0 V; x n V  Yes  13,8 V
Over-Discharge Recovery Voltage 12,0 V – 13,0 V; x n V  Yes 12,6 V
Over-Discharge Voltage 9,8 V – 11,8 V; x n V  Yes 11,0 V
Boosting Charge Time 1 – 3 hours  Yes 2 hours
Equalizing Charge Time 1 – 3 hours  Yes 1 hour
Temperature Compensation Coefficient -2,0 – -5,0 V/°C / 2 V  Yes -3
Over Temperature Protection Yes    
Light-Operated Voltage (On) 5,0 V    
Light-Operated Delay Time 5 min    
Device Address 1 ~ 16  Yes 2
Working Temperature -35°C – +45°C    
Protection Level IP32    
Weight 4,80 kg 4,20 kg    
Max. Wiring Dimension 25 mm²    
Altitude ≤ 3000 m    
Product Dimension 318x170x128 mm 287x170x128 mm    

We reserve the rights to make alterations to the design of product in the interests of technical progress without notice.



• 3 years for product defects.


Installation Safety Guide

• Only qualified personnel should install or perform maintenance;
• Be aware of dangerous high DC voltage;
• Do not damage or scratch the rear surface of the module;
• Do not handle or install modules when they are wet.