What is a Deep Cycle Gel Battery?

Deep Cycle Battery is the key component in various types of renewable energy systems that require the storage of electricity. A battery is essentially a storage vessel for electricity. It is a critical component heavily relied upon by the system as a whole. A battery bank can provide a relatively constant source of power when the grid is down, or during periods when your photovoltaic system is not producing power.


Deep cycle batteries are designed with thicker lead plates or tubular plates, which have less overall surface area than their thinner counterpart. Because of the reduced availability of surface area for chemical reactions, deep cycle batteries produce less current than an SLI type battery, yet they produce that current for longer periods of time. Deep cycle batteries can be discharged up to 80% DOD without damage depending on the model. In order to increase battery life, we recommend discharging deep-cycle batteries only down to 50% in order to increase battery life. 

GEL UCG Series 2V



  • Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS);
  • Telecommunication;
  • Cellular radio;
  • Standby power supply;
  • Solar / Photovoltaic.

Introduction of UCG Series

Unicorn Gel UCG series is designed for 12 years life. We use two ways to protract the life of UCG series batteries: one is adding the thickness of plate, and the second is the new design for material in alloy.  Both these two way will do good to the plate to let up the corrosion from acid. At the same time the high tin design for the alloy will do help to the ability of deep cycle of UCG series. So, UCG series has very good result in solar application.

Feature in details


  • Long life design and free of maintenance

Unicorn Gel UCG series of batteries are long life design and free of maintenance. Normally in the alloy of plate, the percentage of tin is 0,8%. For these batteries, we doubled the percentage of tin in the alloy. Also we change the percentage of Ca in this alloy.


  • Valve regulated construction

Unicorn Gel UCG series is the AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) valve regulated (sealed) lead acid rechargeable type of batteries. The electrolyte is suspended in a specially formulated non woven glass mat separator. All the electrolyte is absorbed in this manner and provides a safe non-spillable battery.


  • Gas recombination system

The gasses generated in the normal charge/discharge use of a rechargeable battery are internally recombined during normal operating parameters. In the fact in normal operational use, more than 99% of the gasses generated are recombined.


  • Safety and automatic valve system

If the pressure is over 2-5 psi the safety valve will automatically open and reseal. The promise that there is no any excessive accumulation if gas in the battery.


  • Heavy duty grids

The grids are made by heavy duty lead calcium tin alloy. This provides: the safety margin of performance condition, excellent recovery capacity from deep discharge, extra service life in either cycle or float application, low self-discharge when it is not in working.


  • Float service life of battery

Unicorn Gel UCG series batteries is designed for float life of 12 years at 20°C (68°F).


  • Operation in any position

Because the batteries are sealed and all the acid is absorbed in the special separators, these batteries can be operated in both vertical and horizontal position.


  • Wide operation temperature range

The batteries can be used in wide temperature range from -35°C to 45°C.


  • Available in flame retardant ABS material for the battery case V0

The batteries cases can be made by flame retardant material V0. It depends on the requirement of customer.

Technical specification

Model Nom. Voltage (V) Nom. Capacity, C10hr (AH) Dimensions H over Terminal Weight
Length Width Height
(mm) (mm) (mm) (mm) (kg)
UCG 2-100 2,00 100,00 170,00 172,00 205,00 205,00 6,50
UCG 2-200 2,00 200,00 173,00 111,00 328,00 328,00 12,80
UCG 2-300 2,00 300,00 170,00 150,00 328,00 328,00 20,50
UCG 2-400 2,00 400,00 210,00 175,00 330,00 330,00 26,00
UCG 2-500 2,00 500,00 241,00 172,00 331,00 331,00 30,00
UCG 2-600 2,00 600,00 300,00 175,00 330,00 330,00 36,00
UCG 2-800 2,00 800,00 410,00 175,00 330,00 330,00 51,00
UCG 2-1000 2,00 1000,00 475,00 175,00 328,00 328,00 58,00
UCG 2-1500 2,00 1500,00 401,00 351,00 342,00 342,00 94,00
UCG 2-2000 2,00 2000,00 491,00 351,00 344,00 344,00 116,00