"Bekar Energy" as an international supplier of renewable energy technologies is producing a new generation of solar photovoltaic modules, components, equipment, and offering a possible full range of services connected with development, implementation, production and maintenance of photovoltaic modules, mounting systems and solar farms.


Our mission is to create ideas that deepen and advance our understanding of renewable energy, and with those ideas to provide everyone the innovative energy products and environmental safe solutions through inexpensive and efficient energy systems known as New Energy Technologies.

Together with our manufacturers and sale team, subsidiaries and representatives throughout America, Europe, Asia and CIS–countries, we propose to our clients the whole range of high quality photovoltaic modules, solar equipment, mounting systems and smart turnkey solutions. Collaborating with leading manufacturers of solar equipment and photovoltaic components, we are able to react quickly and flexibly to technological developments and market requirements.


Through constant efforts in improvement process, meanwhile increasing the performance of the solar modules, and developing new products, Bekar is continually reducing energy and specialty gas consumption. With continual innovation, we expect to share the green energy with all people and to create a clean world.